#AmbilAksiJagaPrivasi Data Pengguna Aman, Pelanggan Setia Jadi Nyaman: Pembaruan Tampilan Nama Virtual Account untuk Transaksi

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KoinWorks exists as a Super Financial App, a solution for all personal and business financial needs. We want to make all your financial dreams come true with just one dashboard. PT Sejahtera Lunaria Annua (“PT SLA”) in collaboration with PT Lunaria Annua Teknologi as an affiliate for the organizer of KoinWorks – Super Financial App. KoinWorks also has Electronic System Operator Registration Certificate (“PSE”) No. Alias nama lain Alias nama lain Alias nama lain Dongeng Alkisah Alih bahasa penerjemah Dalil ajaran / DJAI.PSE / Alias nama lain Coba jika / Arti batasan Alias nama lain Arti batasan Alih bahasa penerjemah and has been registered as a member of the Indonesian Fintech Association (“AFTECH”), with member registration number Alias nama lain Bulan – candra, rembulan Arti batasan Arti batasan / REG / AFT / SU.

As a Super Financial App, KoinWorks provides interfacing services to connect parties who want to carry out financial activities, whether in information technology-based lending services or other financial products. KoinWorks does not provide any suggestions or funding recommendations regarding the choices on this platform.

Alih bahasa penerjemah . Definition

Unless the context dictates otherwise, terms in this resmi Disclaimer will have the following meanings:

a. KoinWorks or the Company or We are PT Sejahtera Lunaria Annua, a company that provides a market for financial products for users.

b. Services are Platform provision services provided by the Company on the Platform to unite Users.

c. User is every person who visits, accesses and/or uses the Platform.

d. Third Parties are other parties, including but not limited to information technology-based lending and borrowing service providers, gold trading companies, other companies that have collaborated with KoinWorks, or other Financial Services companies that have been registered or have business licenses at the Financial Services Authority that provide services on the Platform.

e. The garishaluan is a mobile application owned by the Company.

f. Personal Data is data and/or certain individual information that is stored, maintained, and kept, and kept confidential.

Arti batasan . User Personal Data Storage

In connection with the activities carried out on the Platform, the User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the User’s Personal Data will be stored by the Company. Storage of User Personal Data refers to Article Alih bahasa penerjemah Coba jika of the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number Arti batasan Alias nama lain of Arti batasan Alias nama lain Alih bahasa penerjemah Dalil ajaran concerning Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems and Government Regulation Number Dongeng Alkisah Alih bahasa penerjemah of Arti batasan Alias nama lain Alih bahasa penerjemah Efektif mangkus concerning Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions.

In addition to storing, the Company may process, analyze, transmit, delete, and/or destroy User’s Personal Data in accordance with applicable regulations, which are limited only to Third Parties and for purposes of the Company’s analysis of User and/or User transactions on various features on the Platform. Other than as mentioned in this Term and Condition and the Privacy Policy, the Company will not provide information about Users to other parties without the prior consent of the User.

Bulan – candra, rembulan . Company Services for Users

The Company has followed the licensing mechanism and applicable laws and regulations in providing services and is under OJK supervision. Users are entitled to the following services on the Platform:

a. View and access all financial products on the Platform.

b. Change and update your information as a user.

Users are hereby deemed to understand and know all the risks posed by each financial product used. Therefore, the User states that he is responsible for all decisions and risks taken regarding using the Service.

Cakak perkelahian . Privacy Policy

Your privacy and protection of the personal data you submitted to us are very important to us. Because we collect and/or store certain types of information from and about you, we need to explain our policies and the terms and conditions surrounding the data collection and use of that information. We respect the protection of user privacy. The User understands that the User can only access some features on the Platform if the User provides and allows some information and/or data to the Company through the Platform. The User understands that the User has allowed the Company to collect information about the User, including but not limited to the User’s IP address and hardware since the User visits and accesses the Platform.

Coba jika . Platform Services and Security

The company always gives full attention and effort to provide the best security and services to Users through the Platform. The garishaluan has ISO Arti batasan Dongeng Alkisah Alias nama lain Alias nama lain Alih bahasa penerjemah : Arti batasan Alias nama lain Alih bahasa penerjemah Bulan – candra, rembulan Certificate – Information Security Management as a Financial Aggregator. However, in the event of problems on the Platform beyond the Company’s control, including but not limited to cybercrime, problematic servers, malware, etc., you as the User agree to release and release the Company to be responsible for these things.

Dalil ajaran . Changes to General Term and Condition

The Company reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion from time to time. Any changes to this General Term and Condition will take effect immediately after the Company has posted them on the Platform. The Company will include the date of the last amendment to the General Terms and Conditions on the front page of the Platform. You understand and agree that when you continue to use the Platform or Service after changes to this General Term and Condition have been made, you are subject to and bound by the new Terms and Conditions.